With over 25 years experience behind us we have expertise and knowledge of all aspects of commercial fire sprinkler installations using steel or galvanized pipe.

Our standard project procedure:

Pre-Installation Meeting

Review fire sprinkler blue prints.
Review any special materials to be used.
Schedule of items and tasks to be completed.

Delivery of Fire Sprinkler Material

Deliver pipe and material to a pre-determined area for storage and inspection.

Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler Heads – Control Valves – Check – Valves – Main Drain – Alarms – Inspectors Test Valve – Calculation Plate – Hangers – Mains Pipe – Branch Pipes

Installation of Fire Sprinkler System

Carry out risk assessment of work place
Set up equipment in designated area
Installation technicians start pipe installation

Completion of Fire Sprinkler System

Hydrostatic Testing
Final Inspection

Dry Risers & Pumps

Dry/Wet Riser materials check - Landing Valves – Flanges – Galvanised Pipe – Brackets – Inlet fitting.

Pumps materials check – Pumps – Jockey Pump – Check Valves – Butterfly Valves – Test Valves – Pressure Gauges – Flow meter - Flanges – Pipe – Fittings – Brackets. Read More

Our technicians are fully compliant with building regulations while working on projects and
are trained in all areas of health & safety.